Steve Falcon

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Aragon Mill

Orville Murphy is a gentleman who makes "Old Time Music". Orville sang and played harmonica. I provided bass, drums and harmonies.

Divisi Waltz

A test of my latest divisi and string articulation and arrangement rig.

This Is The Key

Apparently this is the key. See if you can figure it out.


Robert was 16 when he wrote, sang, and played guitar on this teen angst-bomb. I provided bass, drums.

Ballad of the Homer Spit

A collaboration with Matt Kresling. Matt wrote, sang, and played ukulele. I provided bass, drums, ensemble vocals and piccolo.

Strange Affair

A touching Richard Thompson song performed by Debbie Kay and Joe Reed.

Missing March

A pompous arrangement.


Spastic-elastic lead made of two monophonic lines competing for one monophonic synth.

Dark Waltz

I wrote and played this sketchy tune - an early experiment with sampled instruments.