Steve Falcon

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While in SFSU film school I proposed to the department a custom major that emphasized using new technology to produce sound for film. In those days, flatbeds were the mainstay for editing film. Electronic audio synchronizers were being introduced, and digital editing with computers was science fiction.

The proposal was too far-out for the faculty, so I decided to pursue the high-tech approach on my own. I started a small audio and video production company, and built a studio on wheels. It was all called Feature Video.

Steve Falcon - Feature Video Mobile Production Van

My business plan was to get jobs doing corporate video production and other projects. On the side I'd produce music and work on films.

Building the studio was a labor of love. I didn't have an endless budget. The truck was a sputtering Frito-Lay van that I bought for $700. I got it running well and started stripping paint. That was long work.

A cabinet-maker buddy and I built the interior. It was wood-framed with acoustic foam and fabric surfaces. It had a control room, voice-over booth, sleeping quarters, and ample storage. The system had a video editor, 8-track audio with automated mixdown, SMPTE synchronization and digital audio mastering.

Steve Falcon - Feature Video Production Console

Feature Video was a learning experience. I put my audio engineering and film education to use designing the system, building and integrating, tuning, troubleshooting, and finally using it to deliver programs to clients. I produced videos for Fujitsu America, Pacific Bell, Computerland, Mr. Charles Schwab, Fetzer Vineyards, Provident CU, University of Pacific, and others.

The experience led to my accepting a position with Hewlett Packard as a Television Producer and ultimately into software design and product development.