Steve Falcon

my career and stuff

I've worked on a range of innovative products and technologies. In some cases I was able to earn patents for them. Following are my patents, awarded and not.

Steve Falcon - PatentComputer-implemented method and apparatus for remote educational instruction (US Pat. 5303042)

Rich system for facilitating distance learning via video and data links, and interactive response terminals that provide Q&A, polling, and testing between instructor and students. Commercialized with thousands used worldwide among government, educational, and Fortune 500 companies.

Steve Falcon - PatentBlunt input device cursor (US Pat. 6285374)

System for improving the performance of mouse target acquisition within a standard PC graphical user interface environment like Windows or Mac. The system is modeled after the performance of the human fingertip rather than the dimensionless hotspot of a traditional mouse cursor.

Steve Falcon - PatentMethod and system for configuring computers to connect to networks using network connection objects (US Pat. 6295556)

System for unifying and the user-experience of configuring network connections within a personal computer environment. Commercialized in hundreds of millions of units worldwide via Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

Steve Falcon - PatentVideo telephony system (US Pat. 6593955)

System for improving the performance of personal video conferencing and messaging via virtual zooming and panning and video image background replacement. Portions commercialized via millions of webcams by Logitech and Microsoft, and by Apple iChat.

Steve Falcon - PatentMethods and arrangements for interacting with controllable objects within a graphical user interface environment using various input mechanisms (US Pat. 6704032)

System for building embedded system user interfaces that accommodate a variety of input hardware input devices such as buttons, knobs, and touch screens without modification. Commercialized in Windows Automotive.

Steve Falcon - PatentSystems and methods for controlling the number of clients that access a server (US Pat. 6925497)

System for enforcing connection limits on computers servers. Commercialized in Windows Server Appliance and distributed in office and home servers.

Steve Falcon - PatentMethods and arrangements for limiting access to computer controlled functions and devices (US Pat. 6971015)

System for enforcing restrictions on computer system functions. Designed to maintain safe operation of consumer electronic appliances such as in-car navigation systems. Commercialized in hundreds of thousands of automobiles via Windows Automotive.

Steve Falcon - PatentSystems and methods for managing interactions from multiple speech-enabled applications (US Pat. 7139713)

Analogous to a windowing system in an graphical user interface system. Enables programs to share one speech interface. Provides queuing of dialogs from disparate programs and interruption by the user or system. Commercialized in Windows Automotive and hundreds of thousands of devices in Microsoft Voice Command.

Steve Falcon - PatentSystems and methods for managing multiple grammars in a speech recognition system (US Pat. 7167831)

Analogous to a shell in a graphical user interface environment. Enables task-centric launching of programs by intent, while maintaining application grammar state and minimizing perplexity. Commercialized in Window Automotive and over 10 million mobile devices in Microsoft Voice Command.

Steve Falcon - PatentPortable computing device-integrated appliance (US Pat. 6993615)

A system for docking mobile computers such as media players, PDAs and cell phones with consumer electronic appliances like a car stereos. Provides automatic integration of functionality and adaptation of user interface controls, orientation and style.

Steve Falcon - PatentDynamic volume control (US Pat. 7142678)

A mathematical algorithm for maintaining ideal audio levels in a complex listening environment. Suitable for automatically controlling music, communications, and speech recognition volumes in home, office or automotive environments.

Steve Falcon - PatentSpeech controls for use with a speech system (US Pat. 7188066)

Software building blocks for creating high-quality speech-driven user interfaces. Modeled as reusable controls operating in the speech domain according to a robust user interaction model. Commercialized in Windows Automotive and over 10 million mobile devices via Microsoft Voice Command

Steve Falcon - PatentSystems and methods for scaling a graphical user interface according to display dimensions and using a tiered sizing schema to define display objects (US Pat. 7257776)

A system for creating user interface controls with high graphic quality, while freely scalable and performant enough for use in embedded software within mobile devices, appliances and in-car computers.

Steve Falcon - PatentMobile device interface and adaptation system (US Pat. 7272420)

A mobile device docking system that can be used with cell phones and MP3 players etc. Enables adapting any device to dockable appliances via a device-specific jacket and a standardized quick-mount connector system.

Steve Falcon - PatentMethods and arrangements for selective placement of movable objects within a graphical user interface (US Pat. 7506270)

A system for optimizing control and visual feedback when moving objects via a touchscreen.

Steve Falcon - PatentMethod and apparatus for proximity sensing in a portable electronic device (US Pat. 10966481)

System for automatically adjusting user interface behaviors and appearance on a cell phone or PDA based on the proximity of the device to the user's face.

Steve Falcon - PatentSystems and methods for creating and managing graphical user interface lists (US Pat. 7590943)

System for implementing user interface menus adaptable to a variety of graphical styles and input modes such as those featured in automobile navigation systems. Commercialized in Windows Automotive.

Steve Falcon - PatentWord training interface (US Pat. 7587317)

System for creating user-specific speech-recognition word templates in the context of an advanced phonetic system. Allows the user to verbally add commands to a system. Commercialized in Windows Automotive.


Steve Falcon - PatentCanceling a speech interaction session (US Pat. Pend. 20050234710)

User interface process for aborting a speech recognition interaction when the user has changed their mind and no longer wants to be recognized. Commercialized in over 10 million mobile devices via Microsoft Voice Command.

Steve Falcon - PatentWireless cassette adapter (US Pat. Pend. 20050245191)

System for adapting modern Bluetooth audio devices such as cell phones and PDAs to legacy automotive audio systems. Provides audio interface via magnetic transducer and control integration via transport spindle sensors.

Steve Falcon - PatentSystems and Methods for Combining Electronic Educational and Entertainment Media (US Pat. Pend. 12371303)

System for combining presentation of educational material in conjunction with computer games, video and video games. Commercialized in Popnoggin, a computer program that combines electronic flash cards with games, web, and video content, adding educational value to all computer use.