Steve Falcon

my career and stuff was a social website I created with friend Rob Bearman of Hyperfine Software. Our goal was to let anyone gather a mob of people at any website, with or without the owner's permission.

At any time, millions of people surf the web alone. Unlike places in the real world, the web doesn't enable people to interact as they move through it. YouMob taps social passions and gives people a way to communicate and vent their feelings anywhere on the web.

Steve Falcon - YouMob Home Page

During the 2007 congressional hearings of U.S. General Petraeus, the C-SPAN coverage of the event was mobbed, with passionate comments and barbs shared. Other sites have been mobbed by thousands as well.

Steve Falcon - YouMob Mob Page

YouMob implements unique and useful features. It provides implicit customization of mob listings, a powerful friending system, and beacons - lightweight widgets that promote mobs all around the web.

Steve Falcon - YouMob Beacons

YouMob received over 80 million hits over its lifetime.

Through YouMob and other web projects, Rob and I developed an efficient workflow for designing and building powerful database-backed web applications and UIs.

After finishing YouMob, I built and released Popnoggin, a neat new product for kids.